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Ian Thorpe Community

The Original

The Orginal Ian Thorpe Fan Page
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Dedicated to the very talented Olympic Swimmer, Ian Thorpe of Australia.
Post pictures, news, opinions etc.

Be nice.
Post things that are related to Ian.
No fanfic unless it is G rated.
Exceptionally large photos should go under an lj cut (suggested).

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Put in userinfo to show your membership.

-the_thorpedo at Greatestjournal


Ian Thorpe Community Links

Ian Thorpe Colour Bar
Ian Thorpe Icons and Wallpaper by agnes_bean
Ian Thorpe Icons by sol_icons
Ian Thorpe Icons by harshday
Ian Thorpe Icons by darkestvoices
Ian Thorpe Icons by fulloforliness

(If you would like a post of icons, wallpapers, pictures etc. of yours to be linked to here, please specify it in the beginning of the entry).